RAW LOGO We are pleased to announce the legalization of our prickly little friends! We are proud to be the FIRST hedgehog community in Arizona and expect to see many new members in the days and years to come.

S.H.S heir hedgehogs display the finest hog qualities, and are raised to the highest hedgehog standards. Each S.H.S hedgehog has a special place in our society, they are named and raised in a nurturing habitat along side their siblings. They are given the freedom to explore their colorful environment enriched with toys. Our hedgehogs are given 1 on 1 care and socialization every single day to ensure that they are healthy but most importantly HAPPY! Our Hedgehogs are the best of the bunch and are only mated with certified Scottsdale Hedgehog Society heirs. Our hedgehogs have been raised on a silver spoon. In order to adopt a certified S.H.S hoglet you will have to fill out an adoption application in person as well as meet all terms of adoption prior. We will not ship any hoglets, local permanent residents of Arizona only. By adopting a S.H.S hoglet you agree that the hoglet will reside in Arizona.

Scottsdale Hedgehog Society plans to hold future events for the Hedgehog society members. Come out and enjoy hedgehog talent shows, competitions and hedgehog socials. follow us on Facebook to stay connected and updated on all upcoming events with S.H.S..



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