imageThere is so much information out here in the Internet, many “hedgehog experts” giving advice. The best advice I can give is to do what works for you and you hedgehog. I am simply giving you information based off of my firsthand experience in these situations and I too am learning as I go.

As soon as I was sure my female was pregnant I  separated her from the male keeping them in individual cages. (well Ani is in a cage Gago escaped and has since been allowed loose around the house.

The first signs of pregnancy in hedgehogs.

  1. Sleeping pattern changes, Ani started waking up during the day to come out and eat.
  2. Eating and drinking much more than usual.
  3. Irritability, Ani became aggressive towards Gago her mate.
  4. Nesting, Ani began rearranging her cage even flipping things upside down.

As Delivery gets closer you will notice more changes. The average hedgie is pregnant between 30-40 days. As she comes closer to her due date you will probably recognize some or all of these signs.

  1. Excessive sleeping
  2. No appetite, not like the weeks before
  3. Swollen nipples
  4. Nesting, Ani began arranging strips of paper towel I had left for her
  5. Abdomen will be about as big as a tennis ball but this can vary,  sometimes when mom is sleeping you can see the babies moving inside her

It is very important that mom has as much food and water as she’s wants and materials to nest in a clean cage with a shelter to prepare for her new babies.


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