To have a happy hedgehog


Give your hedgehog everything they need to be happy. Hedgehogs have special dietary and habitat requirements, if these requirements aren’t met you can wind up with a stressed and unhappy hedgie. Here are a few suggestions for caring for you hedgehog. Dont get intimidated they are just as simple as any other pet.

Your hedgie can eat many things that you may find inside your kitchen or they are happy  with a diet of  high quality dry cat food and meal worms rich in protein and fiber, low in fat. Some foods they you hedgie may like include:

Moist Food

Moist food should also be fed to your pet. Canned cat or dog food work well as hedgehog food. Be sure to get a food that is high in protein and is made primarily from meat or chicken.

Fruits & Vegetables
A small amount of fruits and vegetables should be added to the diet. Some foods you could use are avocado, peas, corn, apples, melon, and carrots.

your hedgehog may like treats such as Insects like crickets and meal worms make great treats. Also moist cat or dog treats, and cooked foods like eggs, hamburger, and chicken make for a tasty treat. If you let them your hedgie may be open to trying just about anything you’d eat.

A hedgehog needs to always have a source of clean fresh water. A water bottle designed for rats or guinea pigs in his cage is the best way to supply water to your little hedgie.

Your hedgehog will also need to have a comfy place to call home that meets all of his needs. Some people will tell you that you need a huge cage but that is a HUGE misconception.

Your hedgie will need a cage large enough to provide space for  all the necessities a house, litter box, wheel, toys  and feeding area. You can find the perfect hedgehog habitats along with other hedgehog supplies on Etsy by: Daisy’s Hedgehog. Depending on if you will let your hedgie out of his cage to play in a safe area; you will need to consider that they must have space to play in the cage to play then. Hedgies need plenty of exercise and play because they sleep a lot and are at a higher risk for being over weight.


2 thoughts on “To have a happy hedgehog

  1. Naomi Hagadorn says:

    Help my name is Naomi and I have been looking to buy and or adopt a baby hedgehog. I was actually going to be driving to Salt Lake City to pick one up, until I realize that we have local organizations that might help me with that. If you yourself sell them and/or do adoption or know any place that I could do that locally would you please let me know my email address is


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