Bonding with your new hedgehog


Hedgehogs can be intimidating with those some hundred spines you’ll find donned on their entire back, and they can make bonding with your hedgie intimidating at first. In the beginning your  hedgehog may be shy nervous or even scared, its important that you do everything to make your new hedgie comfortable. At first your hedgie may roll into a ball or act defensive by standing  his spines up and making a deep breathing sound this is completely normal and expected behavior of a hedgie, and is in no way a sign of aggression toward you. Be patient allow your hedgie to sniff you and even climb in to your hands and explore their new home. Do not interrupt your hedgie while he’s exploring, but make sure he doesn’t get into trouble. Introduce him to his new home and offer him some food, like dry cat food mixed with soft baby food and water, all the excitement may have made him hungry. You may find it useful at first to hold your hedgie in a hand towel rather than with your bare hand, at least until you both have become acquainted. Make sure to spend a minimum of 30 minutes per evening with your hedgie, and when they are sleeping or resting do not disturb them. Every hedgehog is different and in the long run you will find out what works best for you and yours, but by following some of our suggestions you will  have a happy hedgehog.



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